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Airsonic Replacement

While airsonic streams music like a champ to my old iDevices, it is incredibly heavy. Sitting at more-or-less idle, it slurps up upwards of 4-5GB of RAM, which was getting to be too much as I added additional services.

I really like the subsonic standard: it works really well with my phone; allows me to stream as well as download all content from my server to my phone, making it's effective disk size to be whatever my server's is. However, my phone is old which makes switching apps difficult. Luckily there are many server implementations to choose from. I use the ever-so-helpful self-hosted list to find a replacement, which in my case is gonic.


Gonic implements the streaming portion of the subsonic API, which is all I need, but is limited by the fact that it only supports a single root directory for its media. I have a moderately sized music collection, along with a bunch of audiobooks & podcasts, which really shouldn't be mixed up, due to their different formats. Initially (because I love editing config files) I decided to run an instance of gonic for each media subtype and switch 'servers' when I wanted to listen to a different media type. This was a simple task of writing two extra routes in nginx that only differ by port and endpoint name. It worked well enough, but upon reflection I felt it was well, ugly and wasteful. While gonic is lightweight when compared with airsonic, 10-25MB per instance, running 3 instances at once in order to ensure that the media types were sufficiently separated wasn't a great idea. I just made a root /media/audio directory, then moved my audiobook, music and podcast directories into it and served that directory.

Overall, this relatively simple change saved me around 4-5GB of RAM, which was well worth the hassle.

Booze Brewing, updated

I didn't have the heart to pour it down the drain, so I let it sit for a little while. It's mellowed out quite a bit, and is totally drinkable, if not pleasant.

I also recently bottled the rhubarb wine, and it's cloyingly sweet. I'm going to let it sit for a while longer. I will try to find a way to salvage it somehow. Mix it with seltzer or as a cocktail ingredient, like a flavored simple syrup? I'll give it a try.

Media, social and otherwise

Over the last 2-3 years I've gradually pruned my media consumption. I don't have accounts with f*ceb**k, inst*, sn*pch*t, or t*kt*k. I have a tw*tt*r account on which I follow nobody and rarely comment, and delete comments within 24 hours or so; I have a r*ddit account that's subscribed to a few programming / CLI and podcast pages, so that when I open it up, I run out of content within 2-3 minutes. I don't install social media apps on my phone, just look at them on my computer's browser.

Perhaps at this point you, dear reader, might be bracing for a lecture about how much better I am than you for doing this. Honestly, it's because I'm a compulsive media addict and organizing my digital life this way helps keep my mood out of the negative side of things. Keeping my feeds so incredibly limited means that social media is boring: I open up r*dd*t, and there's the same 25 links, which I've seen already. Close the window. Open tw*tt*r: the feed is entirely empty. Boring. Close the window. Go do something else.

I have an iphone 6+ that I bought when it came out. It's still running an old version of ios because I didn't want to update it. Gradually more and more websites fail to work on it, and that's okay. My long term plan is to never update it, and when it becomes entirely unusable, I'll just put it in a box and never pick it up again. Smartphones, especially as related to the internet and social media, do not spark joy.

What about legacy media? I do own a TV, but it's just hooked up to my ps4, which I use to play one video game with my buddies on Friday nights. I don't have rabbit ears nor cable TV. It's all so tiresome. TV adverts are tiresome in the extreme and I don't want some ad exec being able to use the latest in psychological manipulative techniques on me in order to convince me to give them money. Nah, no thanks. I especially don't want to pay someone else for the privilege to do so.

In the end, it's just all so tiresome and I don't want it anymore.

Chokecherry Wine, bottled.

About 6 weeks ago, I picked around 10# of chokecherries and needed something to do with them. I cleaned processed them into juice, adding water, sugar and yeast, along with a few other necessaries required to turn juice into wine. Every few weeks I racked must into a new container in order to try to eliminate some of the sludge that develops at the bottom of the bucket and finally, last night, I bottled it. I had a glass and I must say, it is not good.

It's too watery; the ABV is too high, the chokecherry doesn't come through nearly enough, and I swear, I developed a hangover headache as I was drinking it. I probably won't drink the rest of it.

I have learned that I really ought to have a better plan and not jump directly into something that I haven't done in a few years. Still worth it for the experience, though.

C'est la vie!

Marcus and Me

Lately I've been working my way through Marcus Aurelius' Meditations and it's been a beneficial project thus far. So far I've made it through book 1, and most of book 2, and thought I'd share a little of what I've gleaned.

Book one is Marcus going through a list of positive influences on his life, for which he is grateful. The one thing that's stood out to me thus far is his emphasis on personal virtues: modesty, moderation, graciousness, neither doing nor intending evil on anyone, remaining steadfast regardless of circumstance. That happiness and unhappiness comes from inside.

I like this book and Marcus' philosophy.