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Welcome to 4chin!


This is my inaugural blog post. This is my little corner of the internet, where I'll post about whatever I'm thinking about, doing, or interests me. I'm a hobby dev, so at least part of this project is an attempt to play around with web dev.

I made this page because I'm a bit concerned about the overwhelming power of the big social networks. While I don't particularly fear being censored or attacked by a social network company, I want a space that's mine to control. I have no illusions about anyone actually reading this page, so if nothing else, it'll serve as an easy way for me to read my collection of recipes on my phone or tablet or whatever, and a place for me to shout into the void.

I'm a little bit of a luddite, I suppose, in my choice of design for this page. It doesn't use javascript; aside from server logs, I don't track visitors; I don't and probably won't run ads; I won't try any psychological tricks on you to get more of your attention that I really ought to have; there isn't and probably won't be a comment section which you can fight. In short, a bit like the old-school web. This has the advantage in that pageloads are fast, without a lot of wizardry behind the scenes trying to eke out the last little bit of performance.

Anyways, I've probably rambled on long enough. Welcome to my blog!